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A Final Solution

The "Hack" Improvement Association.
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Hack: n. a mediocre and disdained writer.

Quite often this term is also applied to those who only think of themselves as Amateurs. People just trying to get better, but only getting either fluff critiques or insults directed their way when they ask for honest opinions.

Well, despair no more! This shall be a place of open critique, suggestion-making, and just general honest opinions about one's work. If you want something critiqued, slap it up in a post!

Just a few rules though.

1) Keep it decent. I'm not going to tell you not to post "mature" material here, but please put it behind a cut and make sure the cut label has a warning about the content.

2) Thickened Skin Required We aren't here to make you feel good, we're here to make you better. If something sucks... we're gonna say so. Don't let it get to you too much.

3) Be Reasonable Just because it's a place for honesty, even about suckiness, don't take that as a reason to just randomly lay into someone. Keep your commentary to the writing at hand and the style of it, and remember that the point here is to help submitters get better, not insult people because you had a bad day. If you just wanna do that, get outta my community!

4) Err, I'm out of rules.

So yeah, keep it reasonably tidy here, and don't go out every day with the intention of driving someone to suicide over their writing. I think that covers the basics: have at it, hacks!