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The heavy slap of raindrops on the panes of the Prime Minister's office windows seemed to lack the usual soothing quality it had on her aide; the slim, slight, foreign born woman shifted uneasily on her chair as she waited for Minister Coulta, unconsciously shuffling and shifting the papers in her lap. She wasn't normally an easily agitated person, but recent events and the contents of her reports to her employer were more and more forcing her to exercise conscious control over her emotions, forcing her to hide growing agitation. Such events were very disturbing, not only for their suddenness but for the instigators' uncanny ability to hide from even her powerful divinations into their nature.

Alyssa Barrings was so absorbed in her own concerns that she didn't even hear the soft squeak of door hinges heralding the arrival of her employer and companion. She missed, also, the graceful Kasune's soft footsteps on the lush blue carpeting, and the sudden light stroke of her fingers through her aide's silken black hair drew a sharp gasp of surprise from the nymph's lips.

"Never thougth I'd see the day I caught you so easily, Ms. Barrings," Alyssa tilted her ehad back against the chair's upholstery, looking straight up at the Prime Minister's warm and friendly smile. One of her lips twitched upward in a smile of her own, and she pushed herself upward to plant a light kiss on the other's cheek.

"I have a great deal on my mind lately, dearest Minister," the affectionate term was as artful a slip as the kiss that preceded it, just another move in the game that the two powerful females played against the rest of the nation. A facade, a masterful veil of secretive love affairs and concealment of true affection and love, behind which they hid Alyssa's true purpose and role in Minister Ary Coulta's government. To conceal her powerful oracular visions and powerful control of the supernatural from an immense body of people, all of whom carried a deep seated hatred and distrust for those with power they could not comprehend. A powerful visionary and sorceress like Alyssa Barrings would be sure to confound and terrify them, and the results would be disastrous for both guardian and guarded. Ary herself was careful to hide her own miniscule flashes of precognitive insights and perceptions of others, concealing them behind an ability to read people well. With the excuse of good education and a solid dollop of the fabled Kasune ability to read body language, she hid fairly well her true talent.

It was a dangerous game to play, constantly fooling the citizens they served, but no Mother ever succeeded without keeping much from her children.

"Careful, Ms. Barrings," The lead grey furred minister leaned down, one of her long and gracefully slender ears flicking lightly as she spoke quietly into her aide's own pointed ear. "The walls have eyes and my desk has many ears. I'll meet you tonight, darling, perhaps at The Estate in an hour's time?"

Alyssa nodded slightly, looking around the room as if she expected to be caught in the act of flirting and planning at any moment. A slow smile, almost playful, crept across her lips, and she picked at the deep earthtone fabric of her skirt in two fingers. "Should I change, Ms. Prime Minister? This seems so formal for an after-hours meeting, and it's so plain and... governmental."

"Alyssa, you know you look stunning in anything! It's that adorable face and slim girl's figure you have!" Ary passed behind her desk with a quiet laugh, flowing gratefully into her deeply cushioned chair with a sigh of relief. She'd been on her feet the entire day, meeting with various representatives and officials from companies the government had ownership in. It was a hazard of being the "mother" of a nation and having a very liberal "open door" policy of leading; people tended to bring problems to her, as well as their reports and everything else. "I need to get some things sorted out here, 'lys, then I'll see you later this evening."

The slight secretary nodded amiably, rising fluidly to her feet as she hummed her assent quietly. She reorganized her sheaf of papers quickly, and made for the door. Ary watched her most confidential aide's retreating figure almost half wistfully; they'd once briefly flirted with more than just a facade of trysts, but both realized quickly that such an arrangement would never work. Would never survive, with all the business and tension that would have to interject itself into their private moments, and all the affection and devotion that would interfere with their business lives and what they had to do. She spun her chair slowly with a kick of her heel as the doors closed behind Alyssa, turning to look out the massive window behind her desk at the storm-blackening sky. It was so gloomy, like the situation she found herself in. More than one hundred and seven citizens had died that morning, when a pair of City Transit busses exploded in the streets. Her children were dying, and there was little she could do just then to stop it.

She bit her lower lip slightly, running her sharp teeth over the skin and running her fingers through her long and soft hair, trying to fight back tears. Tears were for later, for after the storm when the bodies of the dead were gathered and their families met at the Grieving. A distant roll of thunder brought promise of a massive storm, and she quickly composed herself as she reached for the reciever on her desk. She didn't want to be caught in the storm, nor did she want others to be caught because of her. She dialed in the extension for her secretary, composing her last minute request. "Alesha, do me a favor and call the Defense Commissioner's office. She's supposed to be meeting with me here, and I was wondering if she could reschedule for tomorrow. I'll meet her over lunch, perhaps at my home. It looks like we have a dreadful storm on the way, and I don't want the drivers getting stuck out in it if I can help it."

She put the handset back down at her secretary's confirmation, turning her chair back toward the rising storm. "Please, please be the only storm I have to worry about. We can weather your rain and hail, but I'm not sure what this new storm will bring us. And I know we may not survive it."
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